The Nervous System as a Windshield

by | Feb 12, 2019 | GENERAL CARE

We use our nervous system every second of everyday. The shape of our nervous system affects the way we view the world. It’s best explained using an analogy, and what better analogy than a loved mentor of mine Dr. Jay Komarek. So here goes my best rendition…

The nervous system functions similarly to that of a windshield. When we are born it’s much like buying a brand new car with a brand new crystal clear windshield. We can see through it and experience all of the beauty around us. Similarly when we are born we have a clean slate, a clear view on the the world, our nervous systems are pure.

As we go through life our windshield or nervous system starts to collect experiences, and some of these experiences may cause impurities. For example, a rough breakup might put a scratch in our windshield making us more cautious or even want to avoid future love endeavors. Maybe we go through a car accident, and have low back or neck pain for years after the incident. That accident and the pain following may put a dent and some mud on the windshield.

With all of these dents, scratches, and cracks on our windshield it makes it hard to see out of. But it also alters our experience of what it on the other side of the windshield if we can’t see it clearly.

This is where chiropractic comes in. Chiropractors aid in clearing your windshield (nervous system) so that you are better able to experience the world around you without the interference of past experiences. How are we supposed to interact with the world around us if we can’t clearly see what is happening, what if our view is impaired or altered?

So let me ask you… How clear is your windshield? How clear is your nervous system?

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