Starting the New Year!

by | Jan 3, 2020 | GENERAL CARE

The winter months can be some of the most challenging months in Vancouver due to the cold, wet, and rainy climate. Although the holiday season is full of celebration and cheer, it often results in many of us increasing our intake of things like sugar, sweets, and alcohol and decreasing our usual routines.

As January 1st rolls around, we all have our resolutions, goals, and visions for the new year, but transitioning from the holiday season into routine can be tough.

Below are some of the ways you can ease into the New Year without being too hard on yourself.

1 – Drink water. 

As the winter months are typically colder, drinking water becomes tougher and tougher. Do your best to keep a water bottle around and consume throughout the day. If you’re feeling cold, you can always sip on some warm/hot water as well!

2 – Daily Planner!

Although technology can be great, nothing beats the old fashion planner creating to-do lists and physically writing out tasks and important dates. If you don’t use a planner/daybook, give it a try. It can be a great way for reducing stress, anxiety and many people tend to improve their time management and productivity!

3 – Move yo’ body! 

Now that we’ve indulged over the last month, aim to set short, attainable goals in regards to daily movement. It can be as simple as incorporating daily walks, stretching, or attending your favorite classes a few times a week. Our bodies thrive when we incorporate exercise and we highly encourage any sort of movement! Remember.. It’s not a race, slowly increase your routines day by day, step by step! Some is better than none!

4 – Turn of TV and pick up a book. 

It can be easy to watch the day slip away binging the newest Netflix original series, but your brain actually gets much more rest when reading a book. Give your brain and eyes a rest by picking up a book the next time you walk by your local library.

5 – Experiment

Try incorporating new routines or tasks this year. Change at times can feel very refreshing, whether it’s the type of exercise or the foods you cook. Aim to use spices and herbs that you don’t usually use. It can be quite fun 🙂

Bonus – Get adjusted! 

Not only do people notice the feel better, but they also notice that their bodies start to function much better in all areas of life!

Want to know how chiropractic can help support your body this winter? Book a complimentary consultation today!

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