Desk Health 101

by | Feb 1, 2019 | GENERAL CARE

Are you one of those people stuck at your desk for the entire day? Feel like you don’t even have time to get up and use the toilet? We hear ya! But we need to do something about this!

It’s very easy to get caught up in work and have hours pass before you even look at the clock, it happens to the best of us. However, prolong periods of sitting, especially at the computer, can be quite detrimental to our overall well-being. In short, our bodies are not designed to be sedentary and sitting majority of the time, but this is common trend as it’s required for many of our jobs.

So what happens when we sit too long and what can YOU do about it?

Due to the repetitive activities that one has at work (sitting, typing, calling, lifting etc.), our joints, ligaments and muscles get use to activities and postures that occur everyday. Over time, the body begins to develop muscle weakness/imbalance and joint dysfunction as certain areas of our body are being used much more than others. This is when individuals sometimes experience those areas of stress or tension that build up in their bodies. Our bodies are very intelligent and use pain at time to let us know that something is not right!

What should you do about it?

For starters, it is a great idea to chat with your local chiropractor to address any of your concerns, whether its be aches & pain, or more importantly, being proactive in terms of your spinal health and well-being. A chiropractor will help assess your body and share ways to keep your you healthy and functioning at your best.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Get up and walk around for a few minutes every 30-40 minutes
  • If possible, utilize sit-stand work desks
  • Make your desk/seating as ergonomic as possible
  • Remind  your colleagues  to sit up straight when they begin to slouch
  • Keep a water bottle at the desk to stay hydrated
  • Set up a visit to learn more on how to keep your body healthy while working away!

Schedule a visit to learn more and take action!

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