Chiropractic And Pregnancy


At The Chiro Culture we believe that chiropractic is an essential element in all pregnancies. Chiropractic during pregnancy focuses not only on allowing for optimal nerve function, but it also helps in balancing the pelvis and improving the biomechanics of a rapidly changing body. Which typically results in a more comfortable pregnancy. Now who wouldn’t want that!

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First let’s talk about the pelvis. The uterus is suspended in the pelvis and has various attachment sites. If there is any distortion or additional tension on the muscles, ligaments, and joints it can easily alter how much the stress is exerted on the uterus. Just like a ripple in a pond, one area of altered function has a vast effect on the entire body.

Now, as the body starts to grow and adapt to accommodate the growing baby inside, this is when individuals may start to notice more aches, pains, and discomforts. Also this starts to change the way our body functions from a biomechanical standpoint. As breast size starts to increase more stress is exerted to the mid back or thoracic spine. This can present as upper back pain or pain between the shoulder blades. With the belly continuing to grow and expand the lumbar spine may become more tight and compressed. This may present as low back pain, hip pain, or even pubic symphysis pain. However, after getting adjusted the spine is now able to move more freely and the nervous system is better able to adapt to all the new growth. This results in more ease and less tension and less aches and pains throughout the body

So what does a chiropractic adjustment look like on a pregnant individual? 

Vancouver Chiropractor Dr. Erin Murphy The Chiro Culture

Very similar to a typical visit! We use hollowed out pregnancy pillows so individuals are able to lie face down without any pressure exerted on the belly. We don’t do any twisting adjustments through the pelvis and low back, most of the adjustments are done while lying down comfortably on the pillows or while face up on the table. We also make some additional soft tissue contacts through the glute tissue at the sacrotuberous ligament, as well as in the front of the abdomen at the round ligament. These steps are all part of our protocol for balancing the pelvis, also known as Webster technique. 

Overall chiropractic is a safe and effective way to support the body during pregnancy. We feel honoured to take care of every pregnant individual that steps foot in our office. Plus we love the perk of meeting the little one on the other side. 🥰

If your pregnant and looking to see if chiropractic is a right fit for you, book our complimentary consult today!

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